Support for Victims of Earthquake 2015





Project Type: 
Humanitarian Aid, Relief
District Swat, Province Khyber Pakhtoon Khuwa (Phase 1) District Chitral, Province Khyber Pakhtoon Khuwa (Phase 2)
Project Duration: 
Tuesday, November 1, 2016 to Thursday, December 1, 2016
Completed: Phase 1
YOU Foundation, HOPE’87
Project Description: 

Earthquake 2015: On the 26th October, 2015 a strong earthquake measuring 8.11 on Richter scale struck major cities of Pakistan, including the northern areas in the KP and FATA. District Shangla, Chitral, Upper and Lower Dir, Swat, Thor ghar, Malakand, Buner and Battagram are amongst the worst affected in the province while Bajaur agency has received severe damages in FATA. The quake was 196 km deep and centered 82 km southeast of Feyzabad in a remote area of Afghanistan in the Hindu Kush mountain range.


   HOPE’87 with the help of local civil society organizations including State Development Organization (SDO) conducted a rapid needs assessment carried out in November 2015. HOPE’87 had access to 800 NFIs and 540 Hygiene Kits as in-kind contribution. The logistical arrangements and monitoring costs were funded by YOU Foundation (previously UNESCO Foundation – Education for Children in Need) and HOPE’87. The Swat based local organization, State Development Organization (SDO) provided staff and logistics support for distribution (permission received by SDO from DCO Swat). 800 NFI kits and 540 Hygiene kits were successfully distributed in Swat. A total of 1,140 families (200 families in Swat received both NFI and Hygiene Kits) were benefitted from the distribution of these kits.


Composition of NFI Kit:

2 Plastic Jerry Can, 2 Bucket with Handle, 1 Plastic Mug, 1 Metal cooking pot with lid, 1Tawa (Break making Disc Griddle), 1 Metal Cooking Pot with lid, 6 Metal Dinner Plates, 6 Metal Mug, 1 Cotton Sanitary cloth, 1 Wooden Cooking Cloth, 2 Blanket, 2 Plastic Sleeping Mat, 10 Dettol Soap Bars, 1 Latrine Jug, 1 Water Cooler, 10 Dish Washing Detergent.

Composition of Hygiene Kit:

   Scissor (01), Nail Cutter (01), Towel (01), Tooth Brush Large size for adults (03), Tooth Brush small size for children (03) Tooth Paste (sparkle) (02) Latrine Jug medium size good plastic material (01) Comb medium size/lice comb (3 to 5 Inch) (01) Comb medium size 8 inch (02) Washing soap for cloth 250 gram (Gaye Soap) (06) Sanitary Cloth (06 Pieces), Nylon Bag (01),

 Antiseptic soaps (hand washing and bathing (100 grams) Dettol and/or safeguard (12).