Welcome to HOPE'87

HOPE’87, is registered under Societies ACT XXI of 1860 under registration No. RS/ICT/730 since 2011.

Ever since HOPE’87 has worked on youth employment, women empowerment, education, humanitarian aid and disaster risk reduction. The geographical coverage of the interventions have included all provinces with the support of donors such as European Commission, European Commission Humanitarian Aid & Civil Protection (ECHO), Austrian Development Cooperation, UN agencies and private sector.

The programmatic approach of HOPE’87 is focused on strengthening the resilience of communities through education, livelihood development, gender equality, capacity building and disaster preparedness. The strengthening of livelihood structures, especially in rural areas, provides an opportunity for the communities to revive their local economies. With that in mind, HOPE’87 contributes to the promotion of community-driven livelihood initiatives for poverty reduction including women’s socioeconomic empowerment and rights.

The four major objectives of HOPE’87 are as follows:

  1. Promotion of youth education, job training and employment in Pakistan within the realms of development cooperation. Comprised are subjects such as school, job-related youth education and training, and the promotion and execution of youth employment projects and programs through public and private measures at local, regional, national and international levels.
  2. Execution and promotion of social, environment, gender empowerment and health projects, as well as projects of rural development and integration in order to advance the employability of the youth.
  3. Implementation of new ideas for career/work opportunities through the economy (formal and informal).
  4. Conception and execution of emergency relief in crisis situations and reconstruction projects after catastrophes, provided that such measures contribute to the long-term effects of education, training and employment of youth.

Within these objectives a major focus of HOPE’87’s activities in Pakistan is its School-Based Disaster Preparedness Programme that aims to institutionalize disaster preparedness in the provincial education system. As a core competency, HOPE’87’ approach to DP/DRR in Pakistan is focused on the School Based Disaster Risk Management (SBDRM) to strengthen school, children and community resilience to emergencies and disasters. In line with the Comprehensive Schools Safety Framework (CSSF) the approach focuses on “institutionalization of DRR into Education system”, develops school’ capacity to assess and mitigate risks from a range of hazards and to respond more effectively in the event of an emergency. This includes (1) safe learning facilities (2) school disaster management (including education in emergencies) and (3) risk reduction and resilience education. The approach builds school community–students, teachers and parents–capacity and confidence to engage with local authorities to demand effective disaster mitigation investments that are beyond the ability of communities to provide from their own resources with a specific focus on gender and the most vulnerable. HOPE’87 is also ‘in official partnership with UNESCO’, the global lead on school safety.