Our Work

In this section you can find information regarding our Partners and Projects (past and present), see Photos from various project sites, as well as download our annual Activity Report.

Together with its numerous partners, HOPE'87 plans, carries out and monitors development and humanitarian aid projects worldwide.

Areas of Intervention

  • Establishing, renovating, enlarging and equipping primary schools and educational facilities especially in poor or slum areas; providing learning material for student and teachers and supporting teachers training
  • Skills training and vocational training for youth (especially for girls and young women), providing support for the establishing of small companies and improve access to information; promotion of small enterprises through management training; support for public and private information and consulting bodies (“training alone is not enough“) and networking systems
  • Rural development by means of agricultural training, innovation support, marketing and natural resource protection: Processing and preserving agricultural products; development of marketing strategies (local or international markets); diversifying, stabilising and improving ecologically sustainable production through adequate resource protection, education and specialised training of young small-scale farmers; access to information and credit facilities.
  • Special programmes: support and training for specially marginalised young people (street children, children of ethnic minorities, war- and mine victims)

LRRD - Linking Relief, Rehabilitation and Development

Humanitarian crises often destroy the basis for daily life in terms of human dignity. It is necessary to start with life saving activities before rehabilitation programmes stabilise the economic and social well-being, and a transition to development work can be made. Therefore, HOPE‘87 also implements projects in the following areas of intervention:

  • Emergency Aid, Relief and Rehabilitation: Support for victims of natural as well as man-made disasters
  • Disaster Risk Reduction and Disaster Preparedness: Integration of Disaster Risk Management aspects in the education system