Community empowerment trough livelihood deveopment (CELD)





Project Type: 
Development Project › Other social infrastructure and services
Layyah District, southern Punjab
Project Duration: 
Wednesday, August 1, 2012 to Thursday, July 31, 2014
Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC), HOPE'87
Project Description: 

The objective of this project is to contribute to the promotion of community driven livelihood initiatives for poverty reduction especially focusing on women’s socio- economic empowerment and rights. The specific aim in this region is to ensure equal access to and control over the economic resources of the dairy-sector, in the district Layyah, in southern Punjab, which was strongly affected by the flooding in 2010. Two years after the devastating flood the aftermaths are still visible in communities in the district of Layyah, due to insufficient reconstruction and rehabilitation programmes. To improve the situation and economic circumstances of the region trainings for 1200 dairy producers and 10 Livestock Extension Workers are carried out to build their capacities. Furthermore, five Community Based Organisations (CBOs) are installed, which will take over the coordination of the dairy production in the region and act as a central point for all the involved target groups.


Cross cutting issues: 

Poverty allevietion, Gender Equality, Capacity Building

Project Background: 

 The province Punjab was one of the few provinces, which were strongly affected and destroyed by the flood in the year 2010. Due to slow reconstruction and rehabilitation, most of the area still suffers from the destruction the flood has caused. Furthermore the region is characterised by missing market linkages and missing economic opportunities. As seventy percent of the rural population of the district Layyah economically depend on stockbreeding and dairy, this projects concentrates on these agricultural sectors.