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Country Sector Status Donor(s) Project Title
Pakistan Completed Private Donation

Emergency Shelters

Tajikistan/Pakistan Health Completed European Commission (EC), Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC), HOPE'87

Capacity building for habitat improvement in the Hindu Kush – Tajikistan and Pakistan

Pakistan Completed Nachbar in Not (Austria) and Hilfswerk Austria

Support for Most Vulnerable Families in Azad Kashmir

Pakistan Completed ANT Hiroshima

Weekly Health Camp

Pakistan Completed Apotheker Helfen e.V

Distribution of high energy biscuits.

Pakistan Completed Private donation from Venezuela

Playground for Girls – Northern Areas

Pakistan Reconstruction, relief and rehabilitation Completed ADC, UNESCO Foundation, proLoka, HOPE'87

Humanitarian Aid: HOPE for the flood victims in Pakistan

Pakistan Completed UNESCO Foundation - Education for Children in Need

Emergency Relief Help for the Earthquake Victims of Pakistan

Pakistan Completed European Commission, Austrian Development Cooperation

Building and Construction Improvement Programme (BACIP) – Entrepreneur Training and Employment Generation (EC, ADA)

Pakistan Completed Apotheker Helfen e.V.

Humanitarian Aid: Distribution of Water Purification Tablets in district Swat